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What FosterPlants could do for your lobby with plants & planters!

We’ve been doing plants in interior, terrace and courtyard spaces for a long time — over 20 years in fact — ouch, we’re old!

That’s a good thing though. We know what we’re doing and we do it well. With age comes experience!

Ok, back on topic now. There are only so many plants that will […]

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Anatomy of a Wooly Pocket Living Wall Installation

It was just last Wednesday that we completed the living wall installation at the new Splendid store that opened on Friday in the upscale Aventura Mall.

We posted about this back then, and we’ve already received several emails asking to see more photos, so we thought we’d show you how the Wally Wall evolved from beginning […]

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Splendid Living Wall Installed Yesterday

Let’s talk about instant gratification!

Here’s a quick shot of the living wall that we installed just yesterday in the new Splendid store in the Aventura Mall.

We used seven rows of Wally Three’s from the Woolly Pocket Garden Company and the process couldn’t have been simpler. Thanks, WPGC for selecting us to work on this […]

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Next week we’re installing a Wally by Woolly Pocket LivingWall

It’s official and we’re VERY excited!

We’ve been selected to install a living wall in a high-end retail store, with many more to come and we’re using Wally’s from the Woolly Pocket Garden Company. Yay Woolly Pocket….and GREAT BIG THANKS 🙂

Let’s have some fun now.

We were invited to submit a design for the wall, with a […]

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Live Interior Plants Increase Productivity!

Most likely, the primary reason one may decide to place live plants in an interior space is aesthetics. They look great and they complement the architecture of the space when professionally specified, installed & maintained.

If you’re still on the fence though and you’re not quite sure which side you want to jump off on, consider […]

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More Green on the Wall!

Last time we talked about “Going Vertical” with plants and in particular the TerraScreen™ living wall system.

That’s just one of several living wall systems that are available from FosterPlants™ though, so let’s talk about a few others. Each is more suited to certain applications. Some use soil as the planting medium and some use a […]

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Going Vertical With Green

Space is limited and floor space is at a premium, so why not go vertical?

There are so many good reasons to go vertical with plantings that it would be silly if we didn’t at least explore our options!

That being said, yours truly can’t wait to do our first living wall, or vertical garden, or […]

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Envision this.

You’re sitting at you desk working on the computer and there’s this annoying little miniscule bug… or perhaps a few of them that keep flitting around — right in front of your face — between you and your monitor and they’re really annoying. Just about impossible to swat too!

Have you been there?

Say hello […]

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Image is Everything!

It’s 2010, can you believe it! Where did 2009 go?

Some things may be different in 2010 than they were in 2009 or before, but one thing remains the same.

First impressions are… well, first impressions, and you only have one opportunity to make a first impression. After that it’s gone. Poof!

The first area of your space […]

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This is Kind of Creepy… wonder what it means?

Ok, I’ll make this one short 🙂

We offer a program called FlowerCuts™ to our corpporate and residential clients and I was doing one of our FlowerCuts™ routes last week to fill in for one of our people.

As I was just about finishing up at my second stop, a very high end fitness center, when this […]

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