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And you thought only our plants were green!

These days everything’s about green! Green this or green that! Most of our plants are pure green… well in color anyway… but did you know that many of the planters that we carry are really green? That’s right. They’re manufactured from materials such as recycled plastic, steel, aluminum, concrete and reclaimed wood. This really cool [...]

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Not all plants are created equal!

Just like there are Toyota’s and there are Lexus’, there are Majesty palms (Ravena rivularis) and there are Kentia palms (Howeia forsteriana) While both the Toyota and the Lexus are great automobiles, they’re just not the same! Sure, they both have four wheels, an engine and some seats, but that doesn’t make them quite the [...]

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Welcome to 2010!

Can you believe it’s almost the first business Day of the New Year! As we embark on the journey that will be 2010, we’ll also be embarking on the journey of Blogging. Our Blog will focus mostly on telling you about new and exciting products and services that we’ll be introducing throughout the year and [...]

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