A Miami Interior Plant Service & office plant leasing firm. EXPERIENCE MATTERS!

FosterPlants™ is an award-winning Miami Interior Plant Service & office plant leasing company serving both Miami and Ft. Lauderdale, FL. We also provide service all over North America through our vast network of industry partners and Pinnacle V, whom we represent exclusively in Florida.

As a specialty interior plant design company, we provide hand-selected exotic interior plants and awesome planters to ultra-high-end residences, select commercial and hospitality properties.  We also lease office plants and provide guaranteed plant maintenance service to offices in the Miami & Ft. Lauderdale business and financial districts.

Our award-winning plant leasing and maintenance services are tailored to your budget & design criteria and our ongoing Guaranteed Plant Care Programs will assure you that your FosterPlants™ always look as great as they did when we first installed them.

We guarantee that we’ll provide you with the best interior plant service in Miami. If you’re ever not happy, we’ll re-do the service. Guaranteed!

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Miami Interior Plant Service & office plant leasing



Hi, I’m Steve Foster, and I’m the ‘Chief Leaf’ here at FosterPlants™, a Miami Interior Plant Service & office plant leasing firm.

Over 30 years ago, FosterPlants™ started as me, a couple watering cans, one client (who’s still with us, by the way), and a yellow Pinto station wagon.

Who would have thought that we would become the company that we are today? (I did, in case you’re wondering.)

Our vision has always been to be the BEST interior plant care company in Miami & Ft. Lauderdale, to provide great value and exceptional design & service, to be fair to our clients & our people, and to exceed everyone’s expectations.

I can honestly say that we have succeeded! Just ask our ‘A’ list of clients and our ‘A’ list of fun, happy plant professionals.

Because we’re locally owned and operated and not ‘too large’, we’re able to provide a level of personal service that is second-to-none and you’ll always be able to speak with me directly.

With decades of experience in the green industry, you’re assured of value, professionalism, credibility and award-winning  interior plant designs and horticultural service. Whatever your budget, we’re capable of working within it — as long as it’s reasonable!

If there’s ever a “plant emergency”, you can call or email the “Chief Leaf” and be assured that the emergency will be taken care of pronto. No questions asked!

Give it a shot. Complete the short contact form at right, or call me direct any time on 305.962.0990 to experience the FosterPlants™ difference. We’ll be in touch with you promptly.


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