Envision this.

You’re sitting at you desk working on the computer and there’s this annoying little miniscule bug… or perhaps a few of them that keep flitting around — right in front of your face — between you and your monitor and they’re really annoying. Just about impossible to swat too!

Have you been there?

fungus_gnat_smSay hello to the Fungus Gnat.

This little critter isn’t harmful to humans or animals, but they are extremely annoying, as you may know, and eliminating them from your space can be quite a challenge.

Where do they come from? Well, several possible sources. they could be coming into your space in the soil of your plants at the egg or larvae stage, or they can fly into your space through an open door or window at the adult stage. Kind of like mosquitoes or flies. The only way to eliminate them once an area is infested is to treat both the nesting area (which could be, but isn’t always necessarily the soil of your plants) and the adults that are flying around.

I won’t get too technical here, but if you’d like to find out all the technical details, there’s a great article at https://class-insecta.com/Fungus_Gnats.html

How can you prevent the likelihood of an infestation?

  • Make sure that your plants are sourced from a reputable Interior Plantscape Professional (we know a good company if you need a recommendation 🙂 )
  • Make sure that that company treats all of your incoming plants to eliminate any larvae that may be present in the soil. We do.
  • Ask your staff not to bring gift plants or plants from home into the office as they may unknowingly introduce the dreaded fungus gnat into your space.
  • Use covered trash receptacles in your kitchen areas and require that they are emptied daily making sure that the trash is properly disposed of outside of the space.
  • Require your staff to dispose of any food that they may have taken to their workspace in that covered trash receptacle in the lunch room.

What to do if you do have an infestation?

  • Call your Interior Plantscape Professional and let them know that you’re having the problem. They will know what steps to take to eliminate the infestation.
  • Call your Pest Control Professional also, as the infestation may not necessarily be emanating from the plants.
  • Be patient and understanding during the process as the only way to completely eliminate the problem is to break the life cycle.
  • Realize that your Interior Plantscape Professional is on your side and wants the issue resolved as much as you do.
  • Understand that the plants, although they may now be the nesting area may not necessarily have been the cause of the infestation.

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Our thanks to Class-Insecta.com for the use of their photo.