Space is limited and floor space is at a premium, so why not go vertical?

terrascreen_cThere are so many good reasons to go vertical with plantings that it would be silly if we didn’t at least explore our options!

That being said, yours truly can’t wait to do our first living wall, or vertical garden, or greenwall™, or whatever you want to call it.

There are so many options out there as far as vertical gardening “systems” are concerned and so we’ve been doing our due diligence to determine which of the various systems we would want to offer to our clients.

Here’s what we’ve found. There’s a cornocopia of systems out there and there are good systems and not so good ones. There are some that are suitable for interior applications, but they’re not very suitable for exterior applications — and vice versa. There are some that are great for temporary or rotating applications, but they wouldn’t necessarily be good for permanent ongoing ones.

Some are just too darned complicated and some way too expensive.

Seriously, it’s a Zoo out there in vertical-gardening-wall-land and that’s just one of the reasons why you need a professional that knows what they’re doing to make this happen for your space.

At FosterPlants, we’ve begun testing many of the various systems and one of the best for interior applications that we’ve come across is the TerraScreen™ system, shown above. The primary advantage of this system is that it facilitates simple and quick change-outs of the plants. That’s great for a lobby space where one might want to implement seasonal plantings or change things out as the property holds different events.

We have many other living wall systems that are suitable for both interior or exterior applications so let’s explore what system might be best suited to your space and get you going vertical.

Give us a call at 305.251.7383 or 877-647.1782 and we’ll begin Making Your Space Green™.