Most likely, the primary reason one may decide to place live plants in an interior space is aesthetics. They look great and they complement the architecture of the space when professionally specified, installed & maintained.

fosterplants_for_singer2If you’re still on the fence though and you’re not quite sure which side you want to jump off on, consider these factors:
– Live plants increase productivity.

-Live plants help improve Indoor Air Quality.

– Live plants help regulate humidity.

– Live plants can help direct traffic flow.

– Live plants can help reduce echo and noise.

– In the grand scheme, the cost is nominal.

That’s right, in most cases, it’s likely that you could place plants and containers in your reception area, a few key public spaces and your conference room for less than the cost of the furnishings and fixtures in that conference room. We’re not kidding!

Most Interior Plantscape companies offer purchase and leasing options with professional horticultural service to protect your investment in live plants. Here at FosterPlants™, we provide both options, but our level of service is what sets us apart from the competition.

We guarantee that if you’re ever not happy with a plant or container or accessory that we have provided, or ever have a service related issue, we’ll take care of it right away. No questions asked!

Give Steve Foster a call now at 305.962.0990. We’ll Make Your Space Green!

For additional information on the many benefits of Professionally Installed & maintained Live Plants, please visit GreenPlants for Green Buildings.