Just like there are Toyota’s and there are Lexus’, there are Majesty palms (Ravena rivularis) and there are Kentia palms (Howeia forsteriana)

While both the Toyota and the Lexus are great automobiles, they’re just not the same! Sure, they both have four wheels, an engine and some seats, but that doesn’t make them quite the same, does it?

Well, the same applies to the Majesty and the Kentia palms. They’re just not the same thing, although they’re both plants. The Majesty palm is the equivalent of a Toyota and the Kentia, well it’s a Lexus.

Why are we telling you this, you may wonder? Because, in the Interior Plantscape business, there are some companies that may be inclined to try to sell you that Toyota for the price of the Lexus, thinking that you won’t notice the difference! There are others that may suggest that you purchase the Toyota instead of the Lexus, because the price would be a LOT lower, but really, it’s about what you are interested in purchasing, not what someone wants to sell you!

So here’s where we’re going with this. If you haven’t established a budget and you don’t have a set of design specifications for your Interior Plantscape project, then you’ll likely end up with prices that are all over the board when you receive your proposals because one bidder may be proposing Toyota’s and the other may be proposing Lexus’.

Here’s the thing. The Kentia palm (Lexus) costs more than the the Majesty palm (Toyota), but it also looks ten times better, will last considerably longer, isn’t prone to as may pests and is a much better value in the long run. Not to mention that it just looks a lot better… did we say that already?

The bottom line here is that you have to think in terms of cost vs. effect. Would you rather save a few dollars up front and a few dollars a month to have a plant that really dosesn’t look that great, is more prone to pests and really won’t project the high quality image of your company or would you rather spend minimally more in the long run and project the quality image that you’ve worked so hard to nurture.

Our objective here at FosterPlants isn’t to sell or lease you something that you don’t need or don’t want, it’s to provide you with the absolutely best value that’s within your budget and provide your FosterPlants with the on-going horticultural service that’s second-to-none!

Want the Toyota, we can sell you that (we like Toyotas), or prefer the Lexus, or something in between the two, we can sell you that too. We just can’t sell you the Toyota for the price of the Lexusand we’ll never try to pull a switch on you!

Not all plants are created equal. Nor are all Interior Plantscape companies.

We’d love to show you the difference between “us” and “them”.

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