With our complimentary design consultation, one of our Plant Design Specialists will meet with you to discuss your needs and the many benefits of adding live FosterPlants™ to your interior or exterior space. Whether you are an architect, interior designer, office administrator, property manager or homeowner, we’ll work together to create the interior or exterior plantscape you desire — within your budget.

If you have a concept, we’ll help you realize your dream. If you’re not too sure what you want, we can help you with that too. We’re all about designing with beautiful plants and containers — within your budget, delivering on time and exceeding your expectations!

Whether your project comprises ten office plants in really cool planters,  an entire building full of plants, or a twenty story atrium in a high-rise building, we can design, specify and install the plantscape of your dreams for your commercial or residential space.

We can even provide digital composites of your space to show you exactly how amazing it will look with live interior plants.

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Miami interior plant service & office plant leasing
Commercial - Miami Interior office plant leasing & service


Every single plant that we purchase from our nursery partners is individually selected just for you — from the smallest table plant to the palm that towers to over thirty feet!

Award- Winning Miami interior plant service & office plant leasing is the FosterPlants™ difference!

Once we’ve hand selected and tagged your plants, they will be transported to our facility where they will be meticulously cleaned, trimmed and staged for installation. Every single leaf, cleaned by hand — our hands!

Once we’ve installed your FosterPlants™, our work has just begun.

With our Guaranteed Horticultural Service Program, our professional, uniformed Horticultural Specialists will visit at regularly scheduled intervals to make certain that your FosterPlants™ look as great as they did on the day they arrived.

Best part is — any plant that doesn’t look awesome will promptly be replaced with a new one at no additional cost to you. No questions asked. Guaranteed!


Whether yours is a private garden atop a beachfront high-rise condominium, an intimate entry court or an expansive pool deck of a five-star-hotel or luxury residence, we can design, install and service the commercial or residential TerraceScape™ of your dreams.

The South Florida lifestyle lends itself to outdoor living so why not jazz up your outdoor space with live plants and awesome decorative containers? We’ve designed and installed intimate entry courtyards, balcony gardens overlooking the ocean and we’ve even craned giant trees to the top of buildings to create entire rooftop gardens.

The possibilities are endless!

We’ll maintain your TerraceScape™ too. So you can just sit back and enjoy the view. Life is good!    

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With floor space often at a premium in today’s modern spaces, a FosterPlants™ Living Plant Wall just could be the solution to bringing some green into your commercial or residential space with minimal impact on your floor real estate!

Our Living Plant Walls and MossWalls come in multiple sizes and can be as intimate as a piece of living art on the wall or as expansive as a mural covering the entire side of a building. Our completely self-contained modular units can be used to divide a larger space into two or several more intimate spaces.

MossWalls are created with preserved mosses and natural elements such as lichen and driftwood. They are available in picture-frame to entire wall sizes and are for interior or covered exterior spaces.

FosterPlants™ Easy+Plant+Walls™ are site specific and may be constructed on interior, exterior or courtyard walls. We even have systems that will work on curved surfaces — how cool is that!

We offer many types of modular systems, some of which are free-standing and others that attach to the structure. Some include micro-drip irrigation systems and some are manually watered.

Our Easy+Plant+Walls™ are priced from $60 to $250+ per square foot, fully planted, depending upon the system used and complexity of your project so there’s sure to be a FosterPlants™ Easy Plant Wall™ that meets your budget and design criteria.

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Occasionally, conditions just don’t lend themselves to live plants. Maybe the light levels are too low to sustain them, or perhaps there are accessibility issues.

No Problem!

With our ImposterPlants™ line of preserved and replica plants, you can be assured that there’s a solution to most any need. We’ve installed little ImposterPlants™ and we’ve installed entire atria with ImposterPlants™ that are thirty feet tall. We can even combine ImposterPlants™ with your LIVE FosterPlants™ for the desired results. Whatever it takes!

Once installed, maintenance of your ImposterPlants™ is crucial to ensure their well-being and longevity. Be sure to ask about a service program.