Ok, I’ll make this one short 🙂

We offer a program called FlowerCuts™ to our corpporate and residential clients and I was doing one of our FlowerCuts™ routes last week to fill in for one of our people.

As I was just about finishing up at my second stop, a very high end fitness center, when this lady walks up to me and asks for a business card. Knowing that I had just reordered business cards, and that I had given out my last one the day before, I explained to her that I was completely out, but may have one in my wallet that I had written a note on.

So, I take a look and pull out a kind of worn business card and flip it over to see what I had written on the back. Hmmmmm…. a name and phone number that are meaningless to me, but strangely enough she takes a peek and says “that’s my name!”.

We both got goose bumps, as I said “I hope the phone number isn’t yours?”

Turned out that it wasn’t, but it’s kind of creepy anyway and I wonder what it means. It must mean something!

What are the odds of my having the name Yiel written on the back of a business card in my own handwriting, not recalling when I put it there and then having someone ask me for a business card and her name turns out to be Yiel?


Do strange things like this ever happen to you too, or am I the only one?