We’ve been doing plants in interior, terrace and courtyard spaces for a long time — over 20 years in fact — ouch, we’re old!

That’s a good thing though. We know what we’re doing and we do it well. With age comes experience!

Ok, back on topic now. There are only so many plants that will survive in interior spaces and most of them have been around for a while. Some of them are classics and sometimes, some of them are some new genus that was created through tissue culture — that’s kind of like cloning — but for the most part, there really haven’t been that many new plants introduced in the past several years.

Not to worry though. We’re experts at creating Award Winning Interior Plantscapes and often we achieve our end result by combining the ordinary with the unusual and creating the extraordinary. For example, for this Award Winning installation for Espirito Santo Plaza — itself an award winning property in Miami’s Brickell Finacial District — we combined cast stone vessels by a New England Artisan with juncus sporalis and fresh stems of tropical flowers which are changed out weekly. Visitors, tenants and residents of the building get quite a surprise every Wednesday as we perform our floral change. They never know what to expect, but they’re always pleasantly surprised!

beehive_ginger_juncus_sporalis_espirito_santo_plazaIn this rotation shown at left we have Beehive Gingers installed into the aqua-tubes and we chose to keep them low and comingled with the Juncus sporalis. The Juncus which is permanently planted, was selected for it’s quirky corkscrew-like character and also because it’s a plant that most are not familiar with.


The rotation of Heliconias shown above is one of our favorites and three different colors of Heliconia are installed over the course of the year.

Kangaroo Paws shown below are a favorite for both Spring and Fall — although we don’t really have much in the way of seasons here.

I’f you’re looking for a way to spruce up your lobby or reception area, consider adding some FosterPlants™ and AwesomePlanters™ to your space. We’d welcome the opportunity of meeting with you to discuss how we can make your space green.

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